Kidney Belt

Our Indian Deluxe Jeweled Chain Kidney Belt is an exact reproduction down to the smallest detail of the one featured in the 1947-50 Indian Accessory Catalog. We use high-quality heavy belt latigo leather The 6″ chain sides are Black and tan leather links laced together for comfort and support- just like the late 40’s style.

The 9 ½” x 13″ back is trimmed with chrome spots-as original-that do not react to leather and exact colored jewels set in white inserts. The tan plates and belt straps are horse hide.

The only difference is the buckles-the originals were made of tin, very flimsy and no longer available. We use a nice chrome buckle as close to the size and shape of the original as we can find.

We make other styles. Please call for pricing.

leather kidney belt

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