Biker Wallets and Trucker Wallets Made in Maine
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     Our wallets are used by all 45 staff members of The Horse Backstreet Choppers magazine. The best biker magazine out there!

Biker Wallets, Trucker Wallets,
and other Chain Wallets

All of our wallets are now available in high quality brown leather.

Our popular Maltese Iron Cross Wallet is now available in a blue cross!

Here you'll see we make the very best quality chain Biker Wallets and Trucker Wallet available, using the highest quality thick American leather and hardware, which makes for a wallet that will last you for years and years. Our leather is the best money can buy- we urge you to compare. Cheap imitations give out a lot sooner- compare the features and construction! These are made using the highest quality chains with heavy clips and snaps don't dimple or break. The cover is stitched all the way around with thread that won't rot. The zipper ends are enclosed. Best of all, these wallets are so rugged, we'll stand behind them with our satisfaction guarantee!

Your wallet is like your best friend, with you every day. You deserve the very best you can buy for your money. Here at Raven Hollow Leather, wallets are not a sideline- it's our main business. Made in Maine, USA. Maine is noted for some of the best craftsmenship in the world and we mean what we can't buy better wallets anywhere! We make and sell the best leather wallets.

    Four Biker Wallet Styles:
  • Biker Wallets 6", 7 1/2", and 9 1/2" Trucker
  • Checkbook Credit Card Wallet
  • Chain is attached to the inner pocket- hook is protected
  • Long-lasting snaps- guaranteed!
  • 4 1/2" Tri-fold Wallet
  • All Biker Wallets except Baby Biker have 6 pockets including a zipper compartment and a scalloped credit card pocket
  • Checkbook Cover- uses the same high quality construction
  • 4 1/2" Baby Wallet
    Custom Wallets:
  • We can make a large extra pocket with a YKK zipper either on the outside or inside of the cover
  • Lined Wallets
  • Extra Long Chains- up to 36"
  • Brown Leather when available
These biker wallets make great gifts!!
$5.95 Shipping to US(Priority Mail). International customers please e-mail before ordering for shipping cost.
Fast Shipping!
Call Toll-Free 1-888-471-3020 with your credit card to order!

"Just received my new 7 1/2 " wallet in the mail today. Surprisingly fast shipping to western Canada, I didn't expect to see it for another week. Quality's amazing. It's a welcome change to actually get what you pay for."
Thanks guys, I'll recommend you.

"Greetings,Diane and Husband!I just received my 7.5 inch wallet today,and when i opened the package a new love affair began. The quality and craftsmanship were amazing.This one will be with me at all times,and i will tell everyone i know about your company and quality products.Quick shipping and outstanding service.You are a true gem of a company,and the pleasure has been all mine.thanks for being there for me. Derek from Kentucky."
- Derek

"Thank you very much for a great wallet. I have had several compliments and inquiries as to where I got it. I had been looking a couple of years, but just not found what I was after. My last one was with me for twenty eight years and this one feels like it will last longer than that. That begs the question, how do I dispose of my old friend and companion? It would seem disloyal to drop him into the dumpster, too many good, bad, and so-so times together. Is there a collection center for my worn leather friend? In all seriousness, thanks again for a new bud and will highly recommend your outfit to anyone! Keep on keeping up fine craftsmanship!"

"Just wanted to say Thank You - my 7.5 inch wallet arrived yesterday - very fast delivery to the UK. Credit where it is due: A very nice wallet at a great price - over here you'd only get quality like this at silly prices."

"I just wanted to complement you guys on the quality of your work. I bought a 6" wallet from you maybe 6-7 years ago and have carried it daily sense. About a week ago a coworker commented on it and asked where I had gotten it. However I had forgotten the name of your company and the impressed logo has faded to the point where just the faint image of a bird is visible.
So I spent about an hour googling "bird wallet", "crow wallet", etc until I found you guys again. This time I book marked your site.
Given the almost total lack of wear so far, I think this thing might last the rest of my life, but I will be referring people to you again. "
Thanks, Drew

"Just received the wallet and wanted to drop a note and say thank you very much! The quality is absolutely perfect and it arrived (all the way in Czech republic) really fast. I'll be recommending you to my friends. I noticed that you actually split the shipping with me, you paid USPS $9 and only charged me $5.50. Thanks again! "

"Great wallet! Heavy duty and well made. The Horse was right. Glad I read your ad."

" my 6" cross wallet today this thing is perfect,Heavy,Mean, and looks like it will out last my bike...i give you two beers up and will make everyone buy from you"

"Hi. Received the 6" biker wallet I ordered for my husband, and he loves it. Been trying to replace his old wallet of 30 years, for the past 5 years, and everything I found was not to his liking. I was giving up hope of ever finding one just like the one he had made 30 years ago. My quest has come to an end, Thank-you!

"To Diane & Husband,
I have to say OUTSTANDING!! I recieved my wallet today and as soon as I opened the package I knew this was TRUE QUALITY. Both you and your husband were kind enough to even rig my wallet for a lefty and the workmanship OH MY!!! If anyone is looking for a wallet that will last and impress what american workmanship is than take a look at these wallets. I will probably be ordering more for family. I will be passing your site on to all that I know that want true quality workmanship. Thanks again,

Dealer inquiries(wholesale pricing) are always welcome!
Raven Hollow Leather
PO Box 507
Corinth, Maine 04427
Phone 207-285-3020 or,
Toll-Free 1-888-471-3020
New Orange Metal Flake!
Orange Metal Flake Maltese Cross Wallet
See Details...
6" Orange Metal Flake Maltese Iron Cross- $33.95
(also available in 7 1/2" style)
Credit Card Bifold Wallet
See Details...
Credit Card Bifold Wallet- $29.95
Shown with optional heavy chain ($10.00 extra)
Maltese Cross Wallet
See Details...
6" Maltese Iron Cross- $33.95
(also available in 7 1/2" style)
7 1/2 Trucker Wallet
See Details...
7 1/2" Wallet- $27.95
Checkbook Credit Card Wallet
See Details...
Checkbook/Credit Card Wallet- $42.95
9 1/2 Biker Wallet
See Details...
9 1/2" Trucker Wallet- $34.95
6 Biker Wallet
See Details...
6" Biker Wallet- $25.95
4 1/2 New Tri-Fold Wallet
See Details...
New Tri-Fold Wallet (4-1/2")- $22.95
4 1/2 Biker Wallet Tri-Fold Wallet
See Details...
4 1/2" Tri-Fold Wallet- $19.95
Baby Biker Wallet
See Details...
Checkbook Cover- $12.95
Small biker wallet
See Details...
4 1/2" Small Biker Wallet- $12.95
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